Residual current circuit breaker Type B - Ev31-63-B

Residual current circuit breaker Type B - Ev31-63-B

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Rhenes circuit breakers have special grooves on the sides that prevent heating of circuit breakers located next to each other on the mounting rail. The entire structure is protected by patents. Product quality is guaranteed by the Rhenes inspection and quality department. In addition, circuit breakers from each batch are selectively checked at Avitron Polska.

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155,76 € con el IVA

128,73 €

177 € con el IVA Descuento 12%

Fabricante: Rhenes

Product question

Functions of residual circuit breakers type B:

Protection against electric shock.
Residual current circuit breakers type B are used in photovoltaic installations, households, as protection for chargers of electric cars, and special purpose industrial power distribution systems (direct current).

Technical data of Ev31-63-B

  • Number of poles: 2P, 4P
  • Rated voltage AC (V): 230/400
  • Rated current (A): 25, 40, 63
  • Short circuit capacity (kA): 10
  • Rated making and breaking capacity (A): 10xIn
  • Rated frequency (Hz): 50
  • Rated residual operating current (A): 0.03, 0.1, 0.3
  • Electromechanical lifetime (cycles): 4000
  • Tightening torque (Nm): 2
  • Maximum conductor diameter (mm2): 25


  • Ev31-63-B: short-time delay tripping
  • Surge currentwithstand capability with current waveform 8/20 µs is 3 kA.
  • When designing and installing electrical installations, electrical loads that can generate d.c. residual currents in the event of fault, must be assigned a separate electrical circuit.
  • Optional operating position
  • Degree of protection IP20; after installation in a distribution box IP40
  • Assembly to a 35 mm wide mounting rail in accordance with EN 60715


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