Wall Mount Socket CEE 32A 400V red 5-Pin

Wall Mount Socket CEE 32A 400V red 5-Pin

The CEE 5-pin industrial wall socket is suitable for universal use at 32A and 400 V. The degree of protection when using a protective cover is IP44. The socket is suitable even for the harshest conditions.

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The CEE 5-pin female industrial socket is designed for wall mounting. It is the most practical general solution for connecting industrial devices, it is also suitable for the production of extension cable entries. The socket is durable and suitable for even the most difficult conditions in the industry.

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 250 / 400V (3phase)
  • Maximum current: 32A
  • 5-pin: 3P + N + E
  • Material: polyamide 6
  • Red color

Security and certificates

The wall socket is CEE 175 certified. The degree of protection is certified to IP44.

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